May 7 – July 29, 2018

1597; Harmonious Frequencies is a performance-based installation to be implemented in the Project Space over the course of twelve weeks. Working within a clean and minimal space, the artist will create an 8-foot diameter representation of the Fibonacci Sequence, which references the golden ratio found throughout nature. The pattern is made up of 1,597 dots configured in two sets of spirals that radiate in opposite directions. Each dot is created by wrapping a golden thread around itself and adhering it to the wall. The performance of labour and the arrangement of the artist’s tools are precise and considered; the monotonous nature of the action is physically challenging and requires self-discipline to achieve a consistent and high level of craftsmanship throughout the project.

The methodical distribution of the Fibonacci pattern exemplifies an exacting natural order that references growth and the flow of energy. The physical reproduction of this pattern also alludes to ideas of organized chaos; the pattern is pre-established leaving only the repetitive action of producing the work.

Throughout the course of the exhibition, as the dot spirals grow and change, the audience will have the opportunity to enter the space, talk with the artist, and view the work up close. At the end of the exhibition, once the pattern is complete, each dot will be removed from the wall leaving nothing behind but time-lapse documentation of the performance.

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